Elsewhere / Annorstädes / Ailleurs

Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez for Citytunneln and Statenskonstråd

Elsewhere, like any other movie, flows in time, but also flows further, in its displacement over and through the wall.

Book cover The book - tania ruiz

"With its enormous bulk of filmed material, its elastic combinatorial editing and the visual occlusion caused by real trains, it is impossible to see in its entirety. So this book attempts to contradict the premise of the work: it tries to detain or rather, retain, some of its fleeting images.

I never imagined that after six years I would find it hard to separate myself from Elsewhere, even though that was the original purpose: to leave it alone in a train station, exposed to the varied public. Many public art pieces are like abandoned children: there are few clues about their origins and their fate is uncertain. Even though this has rather been a programmed adoption, this book could be seen as a folded note, intended to provide certain clues of the piece’s genealogy.

Some of my writings and quotations collected during the creation process escort the selection of images. I would have liked to print all the images of Elsewhere, but if I had, they would have carpeted the path between Paris and Malmö, the same I have happily trod so often in the past years."

Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez