Elsewhere / Annorstädes / Ailleurs

Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez for Citytunneln and Statenskonstråd

Panoramas - tania ruiz

"Both traveler and visitor will comprehend that the installation, entitled Elsewhere, presents them with virtually all of the world’s landscapes.... The essential is obviously the inexhaustible variety that characterizes this parade of matter, of forms, of colors, of animal and human figures, of architectures, of visions of nature, all of which spread themselves over variable distances while remaining subject to a relative and constant proximity.... a totally new form of a cinema of reality is developed, where the artifices it implies must be measured so as to fully grasp its power.... One thing is certain: if taking the train remains an experience, as ordinary as it is or seems to have become, doing so in this new station, for as long as this work is installed, will redouble that experience."

Raymond Bellour